In addition to my leadership learning and development work, I am a certified Tiny HabitsĀ® Coach. Dr BJ Fogg and Kate Hand, January 2020
Tiny Habits is a breakthrough way to form habits, based on 20 years of research in human behaviour by Stanford University's Dr. BJ Fogg (pictured to the right with me in January 2020!).

Tiny Habits are based on three things:
- An automatic behaviour you already  do that can prompt the new habit.
- A tiny starter step that can build to the full habit. 
- A celebration you use to quickly wire in the new habit.

I love helping people learn about Tiny Habits so they can use this simple method to make small changes that have a big impact in their personal and professional life. For more on the coaching services I offer related to Tiny Habits, please click here!

Tiny habits for Women @ work - sign up here

We know that the pandemic of 2020 placed extra burden on women at work. Now more than ever, women need effective ways to manage their 'mental load' and keep moving forward in a healthy and productive way. I believe Tiny Habits can help!

I offer a six-week virtual program to help professional women unlock the science behind behaviour change, so that you can move forward and set yourself up for success at work. 

The program covers how to:
- Recognize and celebrate your professional successes.
- Identify the behaviour changes you want to be successful at work. 
- Use Tiny Habits to help you get there.

The program is limited to small groups of professional women. Are you one of them? Sign up here.

Tiny habits for Leaders

I also offer a similar program, Tiny Habits for Leaders, an open program to help leaders use behaviour design to be successful.
For this program we focus on specific ways to help you:

To express interest in this program, click here. 
In the meantime, you can also check out this 30-minute video on Tiny Habits for leading remote teams.

Free 5-day program

BJ Fogg offers a FREE 5-day online program to learn about the Tiny Habits method. Participants develop and practice Tiny Habits and  are supported by coaches like me during the week. If you would like to enrol, please sign up here.

Coaching Services

I am also available for individual coaching or to provide training to your team on how to use Tiny Habits in your organization. I have helped leaders, teams and individuals develop workplace Tiny Habits. If you are looking to develop new behaviours to be a more effective leader, for better meeting management, for improved on-the-job coaching or improved team communications, contact me directly for more information. 

Here is where I blog about my experiences helping people develop their own Tiny Habits and about my use of Tiny Habits.
Please note: the comments and perspectives are mine.

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