Thanks for being curious about what I do. I help individuals and organizations with three main things:

professional coaching

I help mid-career professionals learn how to get unstuck one tiny step at a time, so you can create the work life you want.
Together we work through a three-step approach to help you move forward quickly by:
-getting clear on what’s important to you
-identifying the change you want to make
-breaking down the path to success into tiny steps

I have worked with CEOs, senior managers and young professionals who needed help to drive performance, stay resilient or plot their next move. Do you need an objective thought-partner to support you as you move forward? Click here to find out how to get started. 

Interested in group coaching? I also offer small group coaching cohorts for clients who like social learning and want a more cost-effective way to engage in coaching. Right now, I'm focusing on values. I see values as a 'framing tool': they are how we see the world and ourselves in relationship to the world. Values are also central to our decision-making and yet...they are often below the surface! We don't always question why we feel a certain way and when we do dig a bit deeper, we will typically come across a core value - whether it's a feeling of joy and satisfaction or a feeling of frustration! If this sounds interesting to you, click here to find out more!

learning design & delivery

I have 20 years of experience designing and delivering workplace learning. I work with your subject matter experts to create practical and interactive learning experiences. Sometimes this requires workshop learning (either face to face or virtual), sometimes this means individual coaching or on-the-job tips and tools to support learners. And, sometimes you need a little bit of everything! I have experience in designing and delivering soft skills as well as technical training programs. I bring my expertise in learning design and delivery. You bring your expertise in your business and in your organization. Together, we create an appropriate learning response. 

Behaviour change 

Learning is change. When we learn something new, we have to adapt or change our existing routines. I incorporate the principles of behaviour change, based on BJ Fogg's method of Tiny Habits®,  into my learning design and delivery. Check out my limited enrolment programs on my Tiny Habits page for more information  as well as to sign up for a free 5-day program.