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My reflections, notes and stories about coaching people on Tiny Habits

Tiny Habits® for Leaders - program results

The results are in from my pilot program to test out Tiny Habits for leaders. Over the three-week program, we talked about leadership behaviours and how to create Tiny Habits to help you be a better leader. Here is what I learned from that experience:

I had a lot of fun doing this program! I loved explaining the method and helping participants work through the various situations they were trying to improve. I want to do more with this program.

Based on participant feedback, all of the participants really liked the live sessions (once a week) where I presented an aspect of the Tiny Habits approach and we had a chance to share progress, challenges and successes. The additional resources and individual coaching I provided throughout the program were also well received and helped improve the learning experience for participants. 

The habits that were most successful for participants were the personal habits (flossing teeth etc.) as well habits related to productivity at work. Here are some great examples of Tiny Habits from participants:

  • After I unplug my phone in the morning, I will open my to do list.
  • After I sip my first coffee, I will think of one priority for the day.
  • After I sit down after a meeting, I will take a deep breath.

Lessons learned
The program needs to be longer than three weeks. It was too rushed to give participants enough of the ‘system’ around habit formation, get them to test it out and then draw conclusions on what works for them. 

Most participants tried to work on ‘advanced’ habits. As BJ Fogg always says, habit formation is a skill. In future programs, I will definitely encourage participants to stick with easier habits to learn the method before they dive into harder areas. You gotta walk before you can run. Also, a key component of Tiny Habits is to feel success as you build a new habit. I need to reinforce this concept more.  

Next steps
I look forward to running another group in the fall. Are you a leader who wants to develop habits that can help you be more effective in your role? Are you willing to try something new and have some fun? If so, reach out to me here

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