I am a certified Tiny Habits® coach. Here is where I blog about my experiences coaching people on Tiny Habits and about my own use of Tiny Habits. (Please note: the comments and perspectives are mine. The Tiny Habits method is from Stanford University's Dr. BJ Fogg.)

I am also available to coach you or provide training on how to use Tiny Habits in your organization to develop effective leaders,for better meeting management, on the job coaching or improved team communications. If you are interested, please sign up here or contact me directly.

Musings on the Tiny Habits® method

My reflections, notes and stories about coaching people on Tiny Habits

And we’re off!

My pilot program on Tiny Habits® for Effective Leadership has enough participants to get started! I’ve got CEOs, directors, senior specialists and administrators from across North and Latin America, Australia and Europe who want to participate. The program will run for three weeks and will be a combination of some light theory around core leadership skills along with the Tiny Habits method. Participants will gather informal feedback, consider their current strengths and then pick an area to focus on for their Tiny Habits practice. 

I’m excited to see how we can use Tiny Habits to help leaders be more effective. My hypothesis is that behaviours around trust, effective communication and mindset will be the best ones to focus on from a leadership development point of view. The question is, how will that fit with the Tiny Habits method? I’ve always felt that Tiny Habits around health and wellness are the easiest ones for people to develop, so the mindset habits should be pretty easy to build. I’m curious about the trust and communications ones. They seem a bit more complicated. What is the tiniest, starter step to get someone to trust you? 

I recently helped someone in the free 5-day program work out a habit to help them ask more questions (instead of giving answers) with their staff. We ended up with this: After a staff member comes into my office, I will think “be curious.” That tiny, starter step could actually grow to help the leader build trust, communicate effectively and have a more positive mindset all in one. As Behavioural Scientist and originator of the Tiny Habits method, BJ Fogg, says: “If you plant a tiny seed in the right spot, it will grow without coaxing.” 

Stay tuned for more updates!

Posted 12 weeks ago

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