I am a certified Tiny Habits® coach. Here is where I blog about my experiences coaching people on Tiny Habits and about my own use of Tiny Habits. (Please note: the comments and perspectives are mine. The Tiny Habits method is from Stanford University's Dr. BJ Fogg.)

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Musings on the Tiny Habits® method

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Tiny Habits® for leaders

I recently facilitated a women in leadership program and one thing that stuck with me, personally as well as from the reactions in the group, was how women try to do it all, especially as they rise the ranks. Nothing new there. The new part for me was that I now have a “life hack” that can help with that! Tiny Habits, based on the work of BJ Fogg, build small, starter steps that create positive emotions rather than guilt. Instead of: I need to exercise more; I need to be more patient; I need to take care of myself; I need to get on that growing to-do list…Tiny Habits can help you take one small step forward and feel good about that starter step. There is all kinds of research about the “mental load” that women tend to carry more then men (in heterosexual relationships where both partners work). And with all the women in leadership programs out there, the pressures to do it all probably won’t diminish in the near term. So, I’m going to start working on Tiny Habits for leaders…probably with more of an emphasis on women (cause do what you know) but it felt uncomfortable to narrow it from the start because I know many men who also carry that mental load and could use some help to feel better about themselves, the work they do and the leaders they are. Let’s celebrate what we are already doing and build small steps towards being even better. Wanna join me? Click here

Posted 16 weeks ago

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