I am a certified Tiny Habits® coach. Here is where I blog about my experiences coaching people on Tiny Habits and about my own use of Tiny Habits. (Please note: the comments and perspectives are mine. The Tiny Habits method is from Stanford University's Dr. BJ Fogg.)

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Musings on the Tiny Habits® method

My reflections, notes and stories about coaching people on Tiny Habits

My Tiny Habits®

Here is my personal list of Tiny Habits, based on BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habit method.

1. After my feet touch the floor in the morning, I will say ‘today is going to be a great day’. (automatic, no matter where I am)

2. After I greet my daughter in the morning, I will give her a hug. (mostly automatic)

3. After Millie pulls on the leash, I will relax my shoulders. (mostly automatic)

4. After I see someone in the street in the morning, I will make eye contact. (new habit - already increased to “say hello”)

5. After I push start on the coffee machine, I will say “I can win new work”. (weekday habit only, automatic)

6. After I pour water in my espresso, I will look at the coffee grinds. (now, I dump out the grinds and wipe off the machine, automatic)

7. After I write my to-do list for the day, I will do a 10 second plank (now a 45 second plank, weekday habit only - automatic)

8. After I check my email in the morning, I will open my client list. (weekday habit only - slipping habit - was automatic, need to reinforce now)

8. After I hear the hourly news on the radio, I will stand up (now I stretch). (weekday habit - automatic)

9. After I pee, I will do 2 push-ups (now 5 push-ups). (automatic weekday habit - expanding to include weekend and squats in public spaces.)

10. After I finish my glass of water, I will stand up (now go and refill glass). (new habit, becoming automatic)

11. After I pour a glass of water, I will look at the water jug (now I fill it up each time - automatic)

12. After I press start on the microwave at lunch, I will stand on one foot. (now do balance positions). (new habit, becoming automatic)

13. After I answer a phone call, I will stand up. (new habit, becoming automatic)

14. After I step onto the front porch after a run, I will untie my shoe laces. (now stretching as well, mostly automatic)

15. After I take off my running shirt, I will pick up my massage ball. (now rolling out hamstring) (anchor is changing, now it’s after I take my shoes off, mostly automatic)

16. After I finish my last bite of dinner, I will look at my choir binder. (working on daily practice) (Paused - not in a choir right now, although I need to start practicing for fall auditions, so will need to revisit this one!)

17. After I turn the channel to the nightly news, I will sit on the floor. (moving towards some nighttime stretching.) (new habit, still working on it!)

18. After I brush my teeth at night, I will floss one tooth (now I floss all of them). (Automatic - no matter where I am! Expanding to flossing the morning too)

19. After I open my book in bed, I will do 5 kegel exercises. (automatic, no matter where I am)

20. After I turn out the light at night, I will think of one thing I’m grateful for (now I think of one thing about each of my family members that I’m grateful for - automatic, no matter where I am)

Posted 19 weeks ago

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