I am a certified Tiny Habits® coach. Here is where I blog about my experiences coaching people on Tiny Habits and about my own use of Tiny Habits. (Please note: the comments and perspectives are mine. The Tiny Habits method is from Stanford University's Dr. BJ Fogg.)

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Musings on the Tiny Habits® method

My reflections, notes and stories about coaching people on Tiny Habits

Why I love forgetting!

When I’m coaching people on the Tiny Habits® approach, I will inevitably get someone who checks in and tells me that they didn’t do their Tiny Habit as planned but remembered later on. I have had this experience too when I set my sights on a new habit I want to do and then realize half way through the day that I totally forgot to do it. People usually apologize and write that they will try better tomorrow. But this is when I celebrate and tell my coachees (or “habiteers” as BJ Fogg calls them) that they are awesome! That moment of remembering that you forgot to do your Tiny Habit is a fantastic sign. From what I’ve learned through my coaching certification and by studying the Tiny Habits method, that is your brain working on wiring in the new routine. So, that is a big moment to celebrate, like hands up - high five - fist pump celebration. If I start to notice that I’m consistently forgetting and then remembering my Tiny Habit after a specific event, then it’s time to review my ‘recipe’ and my anchor moments to see whether my new habit would be better paired to another specific and ideally automatic moment in my day. So, forgetting (and then remembering) your Tiny Habits can actually lead to some amazing insights!


Posted 28 weeks ago

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