I am a certified Tiny Habits® coach. Here is where I blog about my experiences coaching people on Tiny Habits and about my own use of Tiny Habits. (Please note: the comments and perspectives are mine. The Tiny Habits method is from Stanford University's Dr. BJ Fogg.)

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Musings on the Tiny Habits® method

My reflections, notes and stories about coaching people on Tiny Habits

Musical habits

This week I’m coaching people learning about Tiny Habits® through the free 5 day program (here). I love helping people learn about the approach and it is also fun to see the habits they want to work on. This week I have a lot of musical people who want to improve their piano or guitar practicing. Talk about kindred spirits! I just performed a 2 hour concert on the weekend with my rock choir. We are required to memorize all of our music for a performance. I definitely relied on my Tiny Habit of reviewing one piece of music the morning after a rehearsal to help me. Break it down into small chunks so it doesn’t overwhelm you - that is the essence of the Tiny Habits method in my view. The starter step to my habit was to look at my music binder. If I opened the page and reviewed a song - then that was a bonus but the starter step that I always celebrated was just looking at my binder. Make it simple! Keep it going.

Posted 29 weeks ago

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