3 things I help organizations with:

Performance improvement

How does your organization learn? Do you send employees to training courses and still have the same performance gaps afterwards? What's going on there? I work with my clients to look at the behavioural side of learning and change and to identify tangible outcomes for your training initiatives. Do you actually need 'training'? Maybe improved communications will solve the problem. Maybe some on the job coaching is the appropriate response. 

Learning design

I work with your subject matter experts to create practical and interactive learning experiences based on our performance improvement discussions. Sometimes this requires workshop learning (either face to face or virtual), sometimes this means one on one coaching and sometimes you need on the job tips and tools to support learners. And, sometimes you need a little bit of everything! I have experience in designing soft skills as well as technical programs. I bring my expertise in learning design. You bring your expertise in your business and in your organization. Together, we create an appropriate learning response. 

Behaviour change

Learning is change. When we learn something new, we have to adapt or change our existing routines. So, I incorporate the principles of behaviour change into my learning design and delivery. I use BJ Fogg's method of Tiny HabitsĀ® to help me do this. Have a look at my Tiny Habits blog on using this approach in all aspects of my personal and professionallife!